General description of the institution

SINTEF is Norway’s largest independent research organisation with 2,000 employees. We have more than 70 years of experience in research and innovation for finding solutions to problems for industry and society. Today SINTEF is serving more than 4,000 customers from all over the world.

The Electrolysis and high temperature materials group (EHTM) is part of SINTEF Industry and has a long experience in serving Norwegian metal producing industries such as the aluminium and magnesium smelters. Over decades, competence has been built on various molten salt electrolysis processes and in the last 15 years several new concepts have emerged involving molten salts. EHTM has activities on environmentally friendly low-CO2 metals production, recycling, rare earth metals and liquid metals batteries in addition to traditional aluminium production. EHTM started to work on liquid metal batteries in 2011 through an internally founded project and has now more than 10 years of experience within the field.

  • Development of all liquid concept (WP2)
  • Electrochemical testing of solid electrolyte battery concept (WP3)
  • Measurement of electrolyte conductivities and sodium corrosion on ceramics (WP5 and WP6)
  • Cell design (WP7)
  • Input for battery management systems (WP8)
  • Development of recycling process and safe dismantling procedures of the battery (WP9)
  • Engineering and testing of battery demonstrator (WP10)
  • Dissemination (WP11)
  • WP Manager for WP2 (All-liquid cell development) and WP10 (demonstrator)
  • Overall Risk Manager of the project (WP1)
Key Persons

Ole Kjos, PhD – SINTEF’s internal project manager, WP10 Leader. Extensive experience with molten salt battery work in SINTEF. Will contribute with most SINTEF’s activities in the project.

Camilla Sommerseth, PhD – WP2 Leader. Experience in molten salt battery work in SINTEF. Will also contribute in most of SINTEF’s activities in the project.

Karen Osen, MSc – Lifelong experience in molten salt electrochemistry. Will contribute with experimental work and recycling tasks.

Wojciech Gebarowski, PhD – Highly skilled electrochemist. Will contribute with ionic and electronic conductivity measurements, input for battery management systems and other experimental work.

Zhaohui Wang, PhD – Material scientist with years of experience in molten salt technologies. Will contribute with sodium corrosion testing of relevant materials.

Anne Støre – Research engineer with decades of experience. Will contribute in several experimental tasks throughout the project.