Fast cell voltage model for molten salt batteries

In cooperation with Massachusetts Institute of Technology, HZDR has developed a fast cell voltage model for molten salt batteries, which can, potentially, be applied as the core of future battery management systems. For more information, please see:

SOLSTICE wins 2nd place at HZDR Innovation Contest

The SOLSTICE team at HZDR has won the 2nd place of the HZDR Innovation Contest 2021 with their new idea for the development of a low-temperature liquid metal battery, relying on the prototype battery cell unit developed for the SOLSTICE project. Congratulations! For more information, please see

Season’s Greetings

SOLSTICE wishes its project members, friends and followers a wonderful holiday season and a successful start into the new year with a lot of health, great ideas and joyful moments.

Cost model for Na-Zn molten salt battery

Ross Berridge from Imperial College London established a first cost model for a Na-Zn molten salt battery. As outlined in his thesis, he finds a storage price of 2.3ct/kWh/cycle by 2030, which perfectly meets the SET plan target.

Participant in the EPM Summerschool 2021

Numerical and experimental results on molten salt and liquid metal batteries were presented at the Electromagnetic Processing of Materials Summer School held virtually in frame of the Electromagnetic Processing of Materials Conference 2021 in Riga, Latvia.

Contributions to the 16 OpenFOAM Workshop

The 16 OpenFOAM workshop is this year hosted virtually by UCD Dublin. SOLSTICE Coordinator HZDR delivered two talks on liquid metal batteries that were well received by the audience.