General description of the company

SENSICHIPS is an SME developing safety system microsensors. It brings together a unique combination of expertise in microelectronics, materials science, analytical chemistry, nanotechnologies, and artificial intelligence to engage in the development of a next generation learning microsensors platform. Miniature sensors include diverse sensor types, signal conditioning, acquisition electronics and synergetic coordination to improve classification in a single microchip. Measuring just 3×3 mm, the chips offer an integrated microsensor IC platform with low power consumption. Powerful detection capabilities include chemical, radiological, materials diagnostics and electrochemistry. In the field of battery monitoring, the single chip EIS (Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy plus Electrochemical Potentiostat and Galvanostat) for individual or daisy cells monitoring of State Of Charge (SOC), State Of Health (SOH), State of Power (SOP) and safety parameters. The high level of miniaturization allows embedding virtually in any battery cell form factor. SENSICHIPS is part of the Arescosmo/Aero Sekur Spa industrial group.

  • SENSICHIPS is responsible of the development of a demonstration Battery Management System (BMS) along with the battery sensorization for stationary system batteries
Key Persons

Roberto Simmarano: Is the president & CEO of SENSICHIPS Italy. Over 30 years activity in the semiconductor industry with background in microelectronics and sensors. Roberto coordinates the entire research and development team.

Leonardo Giorgi: Senior researcher with over 30 years background in electrochemistry, materials science, corrosion, battery design.

Luca Gerevini: Graduated from the University of Cassino with a master’s degree in computer engineering. He develops software using Java and C/C++ languages for different purposes, supporting SENSICHIPS device testing and demonstration and Artificial Intelligence developments.

Michele Vitelli: Graduated from the University of Cassino with a master’s degree in computer engineering. His focus is on Batteries with focus on embedded firmware with Java and C/C++ languages enhancing the SENSIPLUS API to support the development of SoX algorithms.