Dr. Fabiana D’Isanto and Andrea Baggio from Politecnico di Torino had this week a research visit at SINTEF in Trondheim, helping to prepare and seal an All-Liquid Battery pilot cell.

SOLSTICE Publication MDPI Batteries

SOLSTICE has published the first joint paper for work package 6 „Molten salt electrolyte“ in the journal “MDPI Batteries”. The paper entitled „AlCl3-NaCl-ZnCl2 Secondary Electrolyte in Next-Generation ZEBRA (Na-ZnCl2) Battery“ is part of the Special Issue on „High Performance Sodium Rechargeable Batteries and Beyond“.

SOLSTICE at SUPEHR23 conference

Dr. William Nash and Dr. Norbert Weber from HZDR presented the all-liquid battery research on the SUPEHR23 conference.

Book „Monetizing Energy Storage“ now available

The new book about the cost of energy storage by SOLSTICE project members Dr. Oliver Schmidt and Dr. Iain Staffell from Imperial College London is now available free of charge at


Julian Waas successfully submitted his thesis entitled „Dynamic techno-economic modelling for Na-Zn Liquid Metal Batteries“ which he performed in frame of the SOLSTICE project.

SOLSTICE partners at HZDR

Following the International Sodium Battery Symposium (SBS-4), SOLSTICE partners from Empa, HZDR, Politecnico di Torino, and SINTEF took the opportunity to meet at HZDR to discuss current findings and next steps.

All-Liquid Battery internship at SINTEF

MSc student Sophie Tønneberg has this summer been working with the All-Liquid Battery technology in the SOLSTICE project. During her eight-week-long internship at SINTEF, Sophie has focused on different Na electrode designs, and how they perform when cycling the battery cell. Photo: SINTEF / C. Sommerseth

Lab visit by HTW Dresden’s China-Center Summer School

Students from the Shanghai Jiao Tong University, the Shandong University (Jinan), and the Beijing Institute of Technology visited the liquid metal battery lab at HZDR. Thanks for the engaging discussion and good questions! Photo: HZDR / T. Bayer

SOLSTICE at the Energy Saxony Summit 2023

The Na-Zn molten salt batteries developed in frame of SOLSTICE were presented at the Energy Saxony Summit 2023 and met with great interest ( Photo: © Energy Saxony e.V. / BLEND3 Frank Grätz

SOLSTICE Publication MDPI Batteries

Our SOLSTICE project partner SENSICHIPS has published a journal article entitled “On the Usage of Battery Equivalent Series Resistance for Shuntless Coulomb Counting and SOC Estimation” in MDPI Batteries. In this paper, a feasibility study of a shuntless coulomb counting method for estimating the state of charge of a battery…