Horien (formely named FZSoNick)


General description of the company

Horien (formely named FZSoNick) is a global leader in energy storage solutions using the sodium metal chloride (SMC) technology. Horien manufactures batteries in Stabio, Ticino (CH), on a plant area of about 20’000 sqm on three floors. The facilities cover the entire production of sodium metal chloride cells and complete batteries: Shaping and sintering of the solid electrolyte, production and of the cathode materials, cell assembly and testing, battery assembly and testing, system design and application integration including the battery management system. Horien currently has a production capacity of 1’000’000 cells equivalent to 100 MWh per year with a workforce of 130 employees. Horien’s mission is to provide on demand safe energy minimizing the environmental impact. Horien promotes strong R&D activity to improve its products/processes and offer the customers a higher level of storage solutions and services.

  • WP3: Solid-electrolyte cell development
  • WP7: Cell manufacturing and design optimization
  • WP10: Demonstration of solid-electrolyte cell
Key Persons

Andrea Pozzi: Innovation & Development Manager, responsibility for coordination of project from Horien side, coordination of WP3, WP7 and WP10 activities

Diego Basso: Cell Design & Laboratories Manager, responsibility for cell chemistry and supervision of testing activities in WP3, WP7 and WP10

Fabrizio Vagliani: R&D Lab Technician, responsibility for electrochemical testing in WP3, WP7 and WP10

Alberto Turconi: R&D Electromechanical Specialist, responsibility for chemical investigation and chemical characterization of cell components in WP3 and WP10

Daniele Gaia: Ceramic Dept. Quality specialist, responsibility for chemical tests

Roberto Tibiletti: Mechanical Design Specialist, design of cell components in WP7