General description of the institution

Empa, the Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology is the interdisciplinary materials science institute of the ETH domain. Empa’s laboratory Materials for Energy Conversion focuses on solving industry-relevant challenges for sustainable energy conversion and storage technologies through materials and device innovation. The laboratory possesses strong competencies in the synthesis, processing, and characterization of battery materials and their integration and performance assessment in Gen3 and Gen4 battery cells. With a team of ~30 scientists, postdocs, and PhD students, the lab conducts application-oriented fundamental research, but is also involved in several federally funded research projects or direct research collaborations with industrial partners. The lab is coordinator of the large H2020 LC-BAT-5 battery project SeNSE, is partner in the H2020 LC-BAT projects Solidify and Solstice, and the Swiss contact point in the large-scale European research initiative Battery2030+, where it also contributes as partner in the BIG-MAP subproject. The lab is also a member of the Swiss Battery Association iBAT, the Alistore European Research Institute, and the Battery European Partnership Association.

  • Solid-electrolyte cell development (Na-β“-alumina; partially solid Zn|ZnCl2 cathode)
  • Cell design; Management of molten metal and salt phases, volume changes, stress evolution
  • Electrochemical characterization of solid-electrolyte cells, interfacial processes
  • Demonstration of solid-electrolyte cell modules and battery
Key Persons

Dr. Meike V. F. Heinz: Staff scientist at Empa and Empa project leader of the SOLSTICE project. Work Package Lead of WP3: Solid electrolyte/molten salt cell development. Expertise in planar and tubular ZEBRA batteries, solid-state electrolytes, electrochemical interfaces.

Dr. Louis Sieuw: Postdoctoral researcher on the SOLSTICE project: Na-ZnCl2 solid electrolyte/molten salt cell development.

Enea Svaluto-Ferro: Engineer on the SOLSTICE project: Support in solid electrolyte/molten salt cell development and cell assembly

Dr. Corsin Battaglia: Head of Empa’s laboratory Materials for Energy Conversion and management support to SOLSTICE project.